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DNA.landYaniv Urlich, et alhttp://dna.landDNA.Land is a place where you can learn more about your genome while enabling scientists like us to make new discoveries for the benefit of humanity. The website is not-for-profit and run by the Erlich and Pickrelllabs affiliated with Columbia University and the New York Genome Center. The purpose of DNA.Land is to enable you to learn more about your DNA and allow you the autonomy to share your data to facilitate important scientific research at the forefront of genome sciences and medicine. Our goal is to help members interpret their data and connect potential participants with research studies.14,110After you provide consent, your participation would consist of creating your personal profile and securely uploading your genetic data to DNA.Land. We will use the most cutting edge genetic tools to analyze your data and return your results regarding ancestry, relatives, and different traits. As we want to learn about the genetic basis of different traits, we will ask you to fill out surveys relating to your (or your family’s) ancestry and health. You will also have the option to automatically contribute data from your social media profiles for new types of analysis, so we can learn about traits that are dynamic and more difficult to measure, such as social preferences. Your profile will also display a badge that summarizes your various contributions to DNA.Land. You can tweet this badge, share it on Facebook, or sew it on your old scout uniform. There are no costs associated with taking part in DNA.Land and you will not be compensated for participating. If any new information is learned about this study that might affect your willingness to stay in this study, you will be told about it promptly.There are no physical risks in participating in this study but there may be information risks. We are going to provide you with information about your ancestry, traits, and relatedness with other individuals. You might learn unexpected findings about you or your family. These can include finding a certain ethnic heritage, predisposition for a trait, or a non-paternity event in your family (all examples are from people that we know and have worked with). For some, such information is empowering; for others, these findings may cause anxiety and discomfort. As stated above, we will do our best to protect the information you provide to us. Despite our efforts, we cannot guarantee that your identity and/or data will never become known, which could have significant implications in some scenarios. We estimate that the risk for such a confidentality breach is low but not zero.By being part of DNA.Land, you will be able to connect with the scientific community and learn more about your genome for free. Genetic research is important for understanding human heritage, health, and well-being. Thanks to people like you, our labs were able to solve the genetic basis of three devastating pediatric diseases ( 1,2, 3 ), reveal the shared genetic origin of multiple diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia, and understand how humans evolved. We expect great outcomes from this project and thank you for being part of this scientific endeavor.NYUSA