Research Program on Genes, Environment, and Health (RPGEH)Catherine Schaeferhttp://rpgeh.kaiser.org/The Permanente Group, Inc‘Long-term research program’ to understand how genes, behaviors, and environment affect healthMay help scientists discover new ways to diagnose, treat, or prevent common health conditionsUnrestrictedUnlimited500,000Saliva or Blood Donation. Health survey (family history, personal health and health related behaviors). Current and continued access to medical record. Use of DNA for future unspecified tests of genes. Retention of samples and information even if leave KP. Sharing of genetic and health data with NIH database.Saliva or blood; Blood studied for environmental exposures and contaminants; Health survey (family history, personal health and health related behaviors); Medical record data.Medical record now and with updatesKP Division of Research and ‘outside researchers’Unspecified research to learn ‘how people’s health is affected by their genes, health-related behaviors, and the environment’IndefiniteGenerally, not receive personal health or medical results, but if information of substantial medical importance learned, will be re-contacted and asked if would like results. No information entered into medical record.May be contacted ‘at some time in the future’ and invited to participate in other studiesDe-identified samples and informationVoluntaryNo optionsBlood draw; Risk of loss of privacy or confidentiality.De-identified samples and information; No information placed in medical record or shared with Kaiser Foundation Health Plan; Certificate of Confidentiality from Fed’l Govt.No direct benefits; General societal benefits.Right to withdraw at any time. Right to withdraw authorization to use protected health information (will end study participation).No cost, No remuneration.No personal financial benefit from any commercialization effort. Any benefits to KP will be used for research and non-profit public benefit purposes within KP.Withdrawal at any time. Samples and unpublished data from samples will be destroyed. If withdraw authorization to use protected health information, participation in study will end. KP researchers and approved research colleagues may continue to use your health information obtained before authorization withdrawn, including ‘recording and reporting anything that relates to your safety and the safety of others’Phone numbers for RPGEH and IRB, Name and address of PI.Yes, adult subject; Two part consent: Participation in Medical Research Program; Authorization to Use and Disclose Protected Health Information.No. Does not state that biological materials are inherently identifiable7/29/2010CAUSAeMerge