Return of Results to Individual, Physician, or Medical Record

Not includedNot included. Opt in or opt out for NUgene NewsletterNot informed if researchers access records. Results may be returned based on decision of researchers, doctors, and Community Advisory Board.No specific results returned to participant or doctor. No information from the research will be placed in medical records .May receive newsletter with general findings. Specific Studies: Certain information from the research that relates to your general medical care may be included in your regular medical record (description of information to be included). This information may not be protected by the Certificate of Confidentiality.Generally, no individual results from research, but offer to disclose if ‘discover… info… about a disease that is likely to cause early death if not treated”. May get general news through the Biobank website.Generally, not receive personal health or medical results, but if information of substantial medical importance learned, will be re-contacted and asked if would like results. No information entered into medical record.Research may include WGS or WES. Geisinger will return results that are medically actionable. Geisinger will NOT return results that are NOT medically actionable. Geisinger Oversight Committee will decide what to return. Expansion of research partners (including industry). Will share research data with national databases to improve ability to interpret results.Your genetic research results will not become part of your electronic health record. Though we will not give you raw data from research done using your sample, you will be able to get news about general research findings from studies done and publications on the Genomic Health Initiative website ( This study website will also have information about ongoing studies on the Genomic Health Initiative sample, which you can review in case you might have specific interests or concerns. Please also note the re-contacting section at the end of this consent form regarding suggestions for potential follow-up clinical testing.Ancestry: Your DNA contains information about your genetic ancestry. It can tell you, for example, how much of your DNA came from ancestors from Europe, Africa, East Asia, the Americas, and so on. You will be given the option to view these results for your DNA. Genetic Data: In addition we will give you the option to receive your raw genetic data for your own purposes. Raw genetic data means we will give you the genetic information that we extract from your DNA, in a securely encrypted computer file. Survey Results: Genes for Good will allow you to view and download the health information you provide, and compare it to summaries of the health information others have provided.