Not includedRevoke at any time. Separate revocation needed for blood/ tissue and for health information. Health information obtained before revocation still may be used and/or sharedWithdrawal at any time during life. Upon death, samples considered ‘gift’ to Mayo Clinic regardless of family wishes. Family may wish access to sample after death since it may contain valuable genetic information. May deny family access. Options for withdrawal:1. no longer wish to be contacted, but allow continued use of samples and personal medical information; 2. destroy remaining sample, but allow use of previously provided information and samples; 3. destroy remaining samples and stop using personal medical information. No option for withdrawal of samples and information: 1. studies alreadyd begun; 2. samples or information shared with other research institutions; 3.cannot remove medical information in database, but biobank staff will stop using this info.Withdrawal at any time. Samples and information will be destroyed, but not possible to destroy samples/info already given to researchers. If samples stripped of all identifiers and codes that link to identifiers, the samples and data cannot be withdrawnWithdrawal at any time. Samples and unpublished data from samples will be destroyed. If withdraw authorization to use protected health information, participation in study will end. KP researchers and approved research colleagues may continue to use your health information obtained before authorization withdrawn, including ‘recording and reporting anything that relates to your safety and the safety of others’You can withdraw from Genes for Good at any time. You can stop participating in the study by using the withdrawal link in the App which can be found under “Your Account” at the upper right corner. Withdrawing is also possible by emailing us at genesforgood@umich.edu, or by calling us at (734) 647-7773. After withdrawing we will delete your name and unique Facebook ID from our database. We will also remove your addresses (IP address and physical address) and phone number (if you provided them to us). We will keep your age, sex and zip code, and use these limited data for future research; this includes also your DNA, if you have provided a sample. Only you can remove the Genes for Good App from your Facebook account, which you do through your Facebook.